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Bully-Be-Gone Membership Group for Parents

Bully-Be-Gone Membership Group for Parents

Raising Confident, Successful Kids

Introducing the Kindness Factor

Membership Includes the Following:

• A private Facebook group to share your concerns, get support, find potential

Success Team members, and have your questions answered

• Daily e-mail Tip and downloadable Tips with pictures on Facebook,

Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter (collect and make your own book)

• Bully-Be-Gone Course Materials released monthly

• Weekly Session Releases (encourages Facebook discussions)

• Monthly coaching calls and/or webinar

• Parent Success Teams Training with PDF Manual

• Parent-Team Training, including Pillars for Success, Visualization, and Self-


• Downloadable PDF’s to make own family book and to refer to for years to


• Weekly video blog for parents’ self-growth, i.e., maximizing one’s own


• Free Workshop slide program to be used in community or schools


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