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The NEA (National Education Association) stated that 53% of teachers are dissatisfied with their jobs. The question is “Why?” Here’s a list of 25 thought provoking questions that uncover an array of the feelings and experiences of many classroom teachers:

  1. Personal Fulfillment: How fulfilled do you feel teaching every day?
  2. Job Satisfaction: Are you satisfied with your current role as a teacher?
  3. Work-Life Balance: Do you feel you have a good balance between work and personal life?
  4. Student Interaction: How rewarding do you find your interactions with students?
  5. Professional Growth: Do you feel you're growing professionally in your current position?
  6. Support System: Do you feel adequately supported by your administration and colleagues?
  7. Classroom Environment: How comfortable and conducive to teaching do you find your classroom environment?
  8. Curriculum Satisfaction: Are you satisfied with the curriculum and teaching materials provided?
  9. Recognition and Appreciation: Do you...
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