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The NEA (National Education Association) stated that 53% of teachers are dissatisfied with their jobs. The question is “Why?” Here’s a list of 25 thought provoking questions that uncover an array of the feelings and experiences of many classroom teachers:

  1. Personal Fulfillment: How fulfilled do you feel teaching every day?
  2. Job Satisfaction: Are you satisfied with your current role as a teacher?
  3. Work-Life Balance: Do you feel you have a good balance between work and personal life?
  4. Student Interaction: How rewarding do you find your interactions with students?
  5. Professional Growth: Do you feel you're growing professionally in your current position?
  6. Support System: Do you feel adequately supported by your administration and colleagues?
  7. Classroom Environment: How comfortable and conducive to teaching do you find your classroom environment?
  8. Curriculum Satisfaction: Are you satisfied with the curriculum and teaching materials provided?
  9. Recognition and Appreciation: Do you feel recognized and appreciated for your efforts?
  10. Student Impact: Do you feel you're making a significant impact on your students' lives?
  11. Career Aspirations: Does teaching align with your long-term career aspirations?
  12. Stress Levels: How would you describe your stress levels as a teacher?
  13.  Professional Autonomy: Do you feel you have enough autonomy in your teaching methods?
  14.  Resource Availability: Are you satisfied with the resources available to you for teaching?
  15.  Feedback and Evaluation: Do you receive constructive feedback to help you improve as a teacher
  16. Personal Growth: Have you experienced personal growth since you started teaching?
  17. Motivation Levels: What motivates you the most in your teaching role?
  18.  Career Path Satisfaction: Are you happy with the direction your teaching career is heading?
  19.  Workplace Culture: How would you describe the culture of your workplace?
  20.  Challenge and Engagement: Do you find your work challenging and engaging?
  21. Job Security: How secure do you feel in your current teaching position?
  22. Innovative Opportunities: Are you encouraged to innovate and try new teaching methods?
  23.  Peer Relationships: How would you describe your relationships with fellow teachers?
  24.  Administrative Support: Do you feel the administration supports your teaching goals?
  25.  Personal Contribution: Do you feel your personal values align with your role as a teacher?

Teaching is a wonderful profession and can potentially provide tremendous satisfaction; however, times have changed, aided and abetted by the change in the social environment, the pandemic, and the readily available AI. 

These questions can initiate meaningful conversations, helping to uncover not only just levels of happiness but also areas for potential growth or change. They're designed to resonate with the limbic system, sparking emotional and introspective responses. 

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