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We become what we think about.

Thought for Today

                We become what we think about.

Beware what you think.

My future husband and I sat in the audience, waiting nervously for his time to introduce the speaker, the president of our IBM division. He, however, was very nervous about the steep steps leading to the stage.

“What if I fall going up?” He kept asking, this 26 year-old, former Marine, who played on an industrial basketball league and on his hometown men’s softball team.

The time arrived. His name was announced, and he bounded up the side stairs to the stage, unfortunately missing one step and fulfilling his expectations—he fell; and the cards he had prepared to use, scattered across the stage.

He got what he thought!

The positive outcome, however, was he used his humor to cover his nervousness and ended up “roasting” his boss, something unheard of in those days in IBM. What we think is what we become.

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