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COURSES FOR: Parents, Educators, Retailers, Retirees


Bully-Be-Gone For Parents

Does your child lack confidence? Is she working up to his ability? Is he making the right choices for himself?



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My Mission

Personal Empowerment

My mission is to help people learn how to find their "specialness" so they can realize their potential and live their perfect life. My ultimate goal is to help others feel good every day!

PARENTS: Bully-Be-Gone - Teach children Self-esteem. Bully-proof your children.

EDUCATORS: Each of 3 courses allows students to be themselves, experience acceptance and validation from their peers.

RETAILERS: Bringing out best in employees enhances customer relationships.

RETIREES: Retire to your passion! Legacy Groups. Autobiography training.

Discover Your Passion for Teens

To locate their passion, students complete a detailed self-inventory that reveals what is most meaningful to them. They then look at the career choices  available for themselves.

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Kids Mentoring Kids

This program stresses the importance of belief in oneself, acceptance,  validation, enthusiasm, and effective communication skills, including listening skills. Human relation skills are taught and practice through the Mentoring Code of Ethics, the first being "Show respect to get respect."

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Speaking for Teens

You cannot NOT communicate. Speaking For Teens is built on positives. These speaking opportunities enable teens to prepare for interviews, give effective talks, become effective speakers, and enjoy the experience.

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Do you have students not working up to their ability? This book explains how students can be the best that they can be. 

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The Secret Shopper

Are you losing customers? Is your business losing money? Do you want to have a successful, lucrative business in your community? Training your people who interact with your customers is a great investment! Happy employees impact customers and are the reason customers return again and again. We all want to feel welcomed and appreciated.

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Attitude and Non-Verbal Communication

Are you concerned about the relationships among your employees and your clients/customers? Do you worry that poor relationships are impacting your business? Master the nine human relation skills as well as non-verbal communication skills.

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Serenity Spa

Are your working moms sometimes nervous or tense worrying about their children? Does this tension carry over into their jobs? Treat them to a 9-video program which teaches how to relax, how to control their thoughts and emotions, how to evoke enthusiasm immediately, and how to train their brains. They learn to create the lives they desire, and you have a relaxed, more focused employee!



Legacy Program

Your past is a rich tapestry of history, replete with stories, which like precious artifacts, reflect you, your life, your lessons, your special moments. Meet weekly and share the meaningful gift of your history, told through your memory of events, big and small. Topics and formats are provided. Share your history, your dreams--past and present--as a special gift for your family--and for yourself.

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Retired - Next Phase Membership Group

Retirement is the next best phase. This is the time to find your passion, do what you love to do, know the four pillars of happiness: Community, Purpose, Health, and Beliefs. This is your opportunity to make this the best time of your life.

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Design Your Life

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My Favorite Course For All Ages

Helping people discover their passion has always been my passion in life.  Earning a living from your passion is even more rewarding. No matter what your age, you may still be wanting to find your purpose. This course will take you through experiences in your life that will give you a good idea of what would give you the greatest satisfaction whether as a hobby, a job or a way of life.

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