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Wouldn't it be nice to have a group help you identify your passion in life? 

No matter how large the group, we break down into teams of 4 where we discuss what's going on in your lives,  finding your purpose in life so that you can design your future, even retirement.


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Life's Choices

The information that follows on this site are ideas for those who chose Condominium #5--TRAINERS--as their first choice. The courses described below can be taught in-person or online. You set the price. Each program is guaranteed to make a difference in the lives of the participants.

If you chose another condo, google the participants and see what appeals to you.

Life is about doing what you love!

Our job is helping you to find your passion/purpose in life.

SUMMARY of all Courses Available




To find the best program(s) for you to deliver, you first need to clarify your greatest interests. Each program is designed to bring out the best in people from preschool kids to retirees. Which group would you like to work with. Click below, respond to what is most important to you, then decide.

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These programs provide acceptance and validation for children and teens! Help prepare them to be the best that they can be!


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Give your child the gift of self-esteem.




MOMS: Do You Worry About Your Child's Happiness?

Do you worry about how your child is accepted by others, if he/she is working up to their ability, if they are being bullied? If so, you need "Raise Confident Kids" and the Bully-Be-Gone Course as effectives ways to relieve your worries.

TRAINERS: You Can Provide Teens With Opportunities To Believe In Themselves! JOIN US for our Online Courses Plus Our Membership Group

Three courses that equal one year of high school electives guarantee acceptance and validation among participants amongst peers. Each program adds to a teenager's positive self-belief.

Discover Your Passion for Teens

To locate their passion, students complete a detailed self-inventory that reveals what is most meaningful to them. They then look at the career choices  available for themselves.

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Kids Mentoring Kids

This program stresses the importance of belief in oneself, acceptance,  validation, enthusiasm, and effective communication skills, including listening skills. Human relation skills are taught and practice through the Mentoring Code of Ethics, the first being "Show respect to get respect."

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Speaking for Teens

You cannot NOT communicate. Speaking For Teens is built on positives. These speaking opportunities enable teens to prepare for interviews, give effective talks, become effective speakers, and enjoy the experience.

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Do you have students not working up to their ability? This book explains how students can be the best that they can be. 

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Become A Licensed Online Instructor

OUR MISSION is to positively and permanently improve the lives of people through training and coaching. Our goal is to empower people to recognize strengths in themselves and in others. we want people to maximize their own potential.

One positive I experienced this past year as a result of forced isolation is that effective communication can take place quite successfully on zoom. One zoom meeting I was part of consisted of over 2,000 people from all over the world. It was a Jeff Walker PLF (Product Launch Formula) annual gathering. And it worked! For a more personal effect, however, meetings with 20 to 30 people work just fine.

Now that we are entered a new dimension of communication, more people can become involved at far less cost than it would be to hold classes or seminars in a physical venue.

“More people involved in training” means that individuals with particular interests can start their own training businesses for their license fee and the low monthly cost of a zoom membership.

My interests lie in the area of self-esteem for kids. For kids 4 to 12, I have a course based on my book, Raise Confident Kids. The course is called Bully-Be-Gone where parents learn how to bully-proof their children by using techniques that promotes confident in kids. Interested parents can teach this course to other parents!

Because of this most unusual year we have been through with the Covid-19 Virus and the political turmoil that has occurred, I am most concerned about teenagers—what they believe to be true about human conduct and how their beliefs ultimately impact their decisions, their choice of friends, their level of civility, even their success in life.

Experiencing acceptance and validation from their peers as a result of their talks and/or behaviors builds self-belief, self-confidence, self-acceptance. When a person believes in him or herself, the sky is the limit.

If you like working with teens, this is the perfect opportunity to start your training company. Three online courses are available to those who would like to participate. When compared to ACT and SAT prep courses that start at $999 (according to google), you have the opportunity to earn a healthy income from these classes, and you don’t need teacher certification to teach these courses. If you decide you would like to pursue this path, you will have thorough training in each program you choose.

Speaking Skills for Teens is a 14-session program where students must write a positive comment for every speaker related to either the talk itself, the delivery of the talk, or the impact on the class. These can be written in the chat room on zoom directed only to the student who just spoke—no one else sees the comments. The student can then make a copy for their own records. Check out the testimonials for this class:

Kids Mentoring Kids is a training program for high school students who master communication skills (verbal and nonverbal), attitude training, listening skills, and people skills in order to work with younger student who may be having a difficult time adjusting to the high school environment. Although developed for the younger student, we found that the upper class participants benefited even more, saying things such as, “I have never been looked up to before,” “I felt important for the first time in my life,” “I felt so good being able to help the younger students,” and so much more. All of this can be done via zoom.

Discover Your Passion for Teens is perfect for acceptance and validation. Students answer questions about their interests that frequently pique the interests of their classmates who had never considered “ham radio” as a hobby or making a go-cart out of a sled with wheels and a lawn mower motor.

When kids experience the acceptance and validation that these three courses provide, they grow and expand in their own areas of interest. They come to believe in themselves and work hard at achieving their goals. 

Internal motivation is the strongest motivation to propel kids into the futures they deserve.

Scroll down for information about additional courses you can learn and teach, whether from your home or on location.

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My Mission




My mission is to help people learn how to find their "specialness" so they can realize their potential and live their perfect life. My ultimate goal is to help others feel good every day. Kindness then follows!

PARENTS: Raise Confident Kids. Teach children self-esteem. Bully-proof your children. - Book and Course

EDUCATORS: Membership Group covers each of 3 courses that allows students to be themselves, experience acceptance and validation from their peers.

RETAILERS: Bringing out best in employees enhances customer relationships.

RETIREES: Membership Group to "Design Your Retirement" so you can retire to your passion! Legacy Groups training for Senior Coordinators in Senior Citizen centers, Plus choices for autobiographies: CD, Video, Soft-cover.

My Favorite Course For All Ages

Helping people discover their passion has always been my passion in life.  Earning a living from your passion is even more rewarding. No matter what your age, you may still be wanting to find your purpose. This course will take you through experiences in your life that will give you a good idea of what would give you the greatest satisfaction whether as a hobby, a job or a way of life.

Coming in 2021


The Secret Shopper

Are you losing customers? Is your business losing money? Do you want to have a successful, lucrative business in your community? Training your people who interact with your customers is a great investment! Happy employees impact customers and are the reason customers return again and again. We all want to feel welcomed and appreciated.

Coming in 2022

Attitude and Non-Verbal Communication

Are you concerned about the relationships among your employees and your clients/customers? Do you worry that poor relationships are impacting your business? Master the nine human relation skills as well as non-verbal communication skills.

Coming in 2022

Serenity Spa

Are your working moms sometimes nervous or tense worrying about their children? Does this tension carry over into their jobs? Treat them to a 9-video program which teaches how to relax, how to control their thoughts and emotions, how to evoke enthusiasm immediately, and how to train their brains. They learn to create the lives they desire, and you have a relaxed, more focused employee!


Design Your Life at Any Age

Using the Four Pillars of Happiness, members design the life they want to live.

Coming in 2021


Legacy Program for Senior Residences

Your past is a rich tapestry of history, replete with stories, which like precious artifacts, reflect you, your life, your lessons, your special moments. Meet weekly and share the meaningful gift of your history, told through your memory of events, big and small. Topics and formats are provided. Share your history, your dreams--past and present--as a special gift for your family--and for yourself.

What all people have in common is STORIES! Share yours!

For Directors of senior programs in elder care centers or church or Temple groups.

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Retired - Next Phase Membership Group

Retirement is the next best phase. This is the time to find your passion, do what you love to do, know the four pillars of happiness: Community, Purpose, Health, and Beliefs. This is your opportunity to make this the best time of your life.

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You Can Teach Any of These Programs


Each program is about finding the specialness in every participant, improving confidence levels, and mastering the elements of effective communication: verbal, non-verbal, listening, attitude, and human relation skills, i.e., helping people be the best that they can be!

“If you love working with people, individually or in groups, whether students, parents, business owners, or retirees, join our GoSuccess! Mastermind Team and have access to 12 courses immediately available online with Keynote Slides, scripts, and PDF handouts in addition to the live training each licensee receives.

Each course relates to finding the specialness in the participant, improving confidence levels, and mastering the elements of effective communication: verbal, non-verbal, listening, attitude, and human relation skills.

Your customers could include a wide variety of people from young people to retirees. Potential customers include teachers, police, higher education, corporations, non-profits, Chambers of Commerce, small and large businesses, trainers, parents--anyone who desires to improve themselves and/or their employees.

The difference among the courses is the methodology used to create a learning situation that enables each participant to be the best that he or she can be.”

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