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First Bullying Experience

When I was a very young child, I experienced a horribly scary event that not only made a lasting impression on me but also awakened my awareness of the existence of bullies, people who prey on those whom they consider weak, defenseless, or “less than” they are.

I particularly remember the feeling of helplessness that I experienced that day. That I can so clearly recall this event today, many decades later, signifies the impact it had on my life.

As a young child I watched bullies repeatedly pick on my brother because he was not a strong boy. My mother told me he had been born with a hole in his heart, and I was very protective of him, even though I was younger.

One day we were playing together in the backyard of our row home when a group of boys picked up rocks from the nearby trolley tracks, taunted us, and then started pelting us.

We were trapped. The heavy metal cellar door slammed down and had latched when we first came out to play, and we would have had to walk ten houses toward the tracks, closer to the bullies, in order to get to the front of the houses. We didn’t have time.

After weaving, dodging, and ducking, my brother got hit in the temple by a huge rock. He collapsed to the ground and lay motionless, and the boys ran away.

I remember screaming until my mother heard me and ran out, found my brother, carried him inside and called the doctor. (In those days the doctor came to the house.)

There lay this seemingly lifeless form on our living room sofa, and I was terrified that my nearest and dearest friend was dead.

Fortunately, he fully recovered, but he turned into a quiet, scared little boy.

That attack was the earliest bullying event that I can remember, and it served as a catalyst to create my passion to help and protect others, especially young people who are not as strong as their peers, who perhaps have not had the good fortune to be born into a “comfortable” home, who have not been schooled adequately for whatever reason, who do not speak English as their first language, who have not experienced acceptance by her peers and/or adults, who may or may not have graduated from high school and/or college, or are just a little different.

My greatest concern has always been the long-lasting affect bullies can have on a child who is bullied once or bullied regularly. If the victims believe they are unworthy because of the way they have been treated, in all likelihood, they will not likely work up to their ability and because of low self-esteem perhaps take a less savory path in life.

Is your child being bullied? Is he or she scared to go to school or does he or she look for excuses to stay home?

Is there anything you can do other than complain to the school, the police, or the bully’s parents?

There is!

You can bulletproof your child!!

Most parents have at least three deep desires for their children? See if you agree:

  1. To be safe
  2. To be accepted/liked by their peers
  3. To work up to their ability.

Are these expectations feasible when you consider these two facts?

FACT: In spite of new laws, rules and regulations, bullying is still with us and always will be with us.

FACT: Most children do not know how to handle bullies.

This is why the bully-proofing techniques taught in this course can make a marked difference in your children. The bully-proofing techniques are easy to remember once you understand the two acronyms S-A-V-E and C-L-A-P as well as the reality of how impactful bullying is in today’s society.

Now take a look at the Parents Report Card and see how you rate yourself regarding Bullying.

I hope you will join us when our program begins!

Happy Day,

Gail Cassidy

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