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“Effective Speaking is the first class in [school] that I actually truly got something out of it. There are no words to explain how I love the class so much. This is talking straight from the heart. I used to despise talking in front of the class. Now I look at it in a way to speak my mind freely. This class showed me a whole new level of confidence I never knew I had. Even though I would get nervous before I did my talks, I would get this feeling of excitement when I went to talk in front of the class. This is the first time I actually liked going to a class in [school]. This class also gave me an idea of what I want to do as a career when I get older. Not only did I learn how to talk, I learned that I am a strong, confident, and unique individual. I want to thank you so much for a lesson you taught me in life." 

- Natacha B

“I was sweating and shaking. I was nervous to get in front of the class. I then felt better when my classmates clapped for me when I was going up. I felt a little better but I was still nervous. When I finished my talk my classmates clapped for me and said I did a good job. I also felt better because they were quiet and they listened to my talk.”

- Michael J

“This class, hands down, has boosted my confidence. I especially like that all the comments were positive and no negativity at all was used. In this class I felt more in charge than others but yet still being the student.”

- Stephen K

“One of the major things about this course was not only talking to the class but listening to my classmates’ presentations. Each person was unique in their approach.”

- Carlo E

“Public Speaking is the best class I have ever taken. I saw the change in people like C and S who were never outspoken and the change in them is incredible. I learned more about my image.”

- Vera M

“The best thing I got out of this class were the friendships and connections I made. It wasn’t so much at all what I learned in this class this year, but who I learned about and I guess in a small way that I may have been able to do for them.”

- Andrew M

“I, as well as every other student in this class, have grown as a speaker from the beginning to the end of the course. We have improved whether it was through our confidence, our articulation, or our whole demeanor in general.

- Laura P

“Interview with Rider University: “When I got to the interview I was a nervous wreck. I remembered the talk we had on nervousness. I used the finger technique to keep my poise... I think that is the main reason I got accepted to Rider.”

- Kevin G