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Gail started her career as a high school English teacher and then moved on to the corporate and non-profit sectors where she gained extensive training and program development experience. At IBM Corporation, Gail worked as an instructor/writer/manager and received the “Outstanding Contribution” award for developing self-paced training programs which were used nationwide. 

After four years as executive director of the American Red Cross, Gail moved on to an international training corporation where she started as an instructor, then became manager of instruction. Gail developed seminars and workshops as well as trained new instructors and clients. 

Gail’s second passion is  writing. She has written over 20 books, including Discover Your Passion, Profit From Your Passion, The Validating Mentor, You Cannot NOT Communicate, and One Talk Fits All plus Tips  booklets for various groups and an entire Seminar Series.  

Gail and her training partner have also been active internationally by volunteering their teaching expertise during summers in support of in-service training programs for teachers and administrators in Lithuania. In addition, they train high school students in the U.S. to be mentors, using the Kids Mentoring Kids program. They also teach Bully-Be-Gone programs for elementary students.

Gail also focuses on helping those about to retire or already retired not only to find their passions but also to record their life stories to pass along to those who follow them. This program is done through Legacy Workshops and/or individual interviews which are then recorded on CD’s or made into both an e-book and a paperback book.

The common denominator of all of her writing and teaching is twofold--self-actualization through finding and acting on your passion and the importance of civility, treating others as you want to be treated. She believes that these themes transcend all generations.



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