The One Course Where Students Experience Acceptance and Validation!

Based on positives only, every student learns how to find positives in every other student's presentation. The development of a strong self-concept is the ultimate positive.



Natasha B: This is the first class that I truly got something out of. There are no words to explain how I love this class so much. I used to despise talking in front of the class. Now I look at it in a way to speak my mind freely. This class showed me a whole new level of confidence I never knew I had. Even though I would get nervous before I did my talks, I would get this feeling of excitement when I went to talk in front of the class. This is the first time I actually liked going to a class. This class also gave me an idea of what I want to do as a career when I get older. Not only did I learn how to talk, I learned that I am a strong, confident, and unique individual....I want to thank you so much for a lesson you taught me in life.

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Increase the confidence in every student AND have them master communication skills, listening, and human relation skills--all through acceptance and validation by their peers.

This 14-session course can be used as a separate, independent course or used as independent segments adapted into an English course.

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